Apr 17, 2012

Prayer of Confession: Loving Creation

Creator God, we know that love is the foundation of creation and all life, your love and ours. We know that all things are possible with love—that the least becomes the most important, the last becomes the first.

Yet we also know that we do not always love, especially in our attitudes toward earth. We are quick to pave over an empty lot, to build inexpensive homes on precious fertile lands, to use products that are not easily recycled and to fill our dumps. We waste water and paper from your trees. We want the biggest or the best or the newest when we already have all we need.

(silent confession)

Creator God, forgive us. Help us to show—more actively—our love for our earth, your earth, your precious creation. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon
Friends, in the goodness of the original Garden, love was born; in the surprise of an Easter garden, love was reborn. May this love be born in our hearts, minds, and bodies again this day. Amen.

— from The Seasons: Eros and a Right Relation with Earth, written by Ralph Carl Wushke. From the United Church of Canada.  Posted on the Canadian Foodgrains Bank website.  Visit that site for other good Earth Day resources. 

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