Prayer of Confession for Christian Unity

Here’s a prayer of petition and confession for Christian unity.  It comes from the Liturgy of the French Reformed Church.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by John 17, Ephesians 4)

O God,
whose will it is that all your children should be one in Christ;
we pray for the unity of your Church.

Pardon all our pride and our lack of faith,
of understanding and of charity,
which are the causes of our divisions.

Deliver us from narrow-mindedness,
from our bitterness,
from our prejudices.

Save us from considering as normal
that which is a scandal to the world
and an offence to your love.

Teach us to recognize the gifts of grace
among all those who call upon you
and confess the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.

— from the Liturgy of the French Reformed Church.

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