Prayer: An Odd Mob

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving for the diversity of the community made possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

An Odd Mob

Loving God, we are an odd mob.
We thank You for the widely different types of people,
and expressions of faith,
which constitute the membership of your Church in this century.

We give thanks for those who appear born to express faith
   through rigid creeds and behaviour.
We give thanks for others who seem destined to follow Christ
   among innumerable questions and doubts.
We give thanks for members whose faith appears to be
   a profound, childlike simplicity, unhurried and unworried.
We give thanks for those who seem unable to find one satisfying word
   with which to describe You,
   yet whose faith is constantly renewed by a wordless awe
   in the presence of Unnameable Love.

Lover of diversity, God of all souls,
continue to give us the grace to treasure each other with all our oddness
and to use these differences as we minister to the diversity of people
who share this twenty first century with us.

To your praise and glory. Amen!

— written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.