Prayer: Journeying Together

Here’s a beautiful prayer of petition based on the story of Jesus’ encounter with the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Mark 16:12-13; Luke 24:13-35).  It is based on the writing of Joan Pulls.

Journeying Together
(inspired by Mark 16:12-13; Luke 24:13-35)

Companion Lord, in what remains of my life,
  I want to build, with others, a bit more of your kingdom.

With others I want to experience you
  as we walk together towards Emmaus,
  have the scriptures open to us
  and feel our hearts burning within us.

With others I want to recognise you
  in the breaking of bread,
  and in our daily journey through the Galilee
  of our common lives.

With this hope, with this prayer,
  may we travel forward
  until our travelling days are done.

— based on the writing of Joan Pulls, a Franciscan sister from the United States.  Posted in a collection of prayers compiled by Bruce Prewer, on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.  

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