Opening Prayer: Surprise Us

Here’s an opening prayer written by Peter L. Haynes.

Opening Prayer

We thank you, God, for drawing us to this place and time
and for interrupting us with your gift of life in Christ.
Whether we have heard the news many times over,
or are this day listening with brand new ears,
surprise us with your justice and righteousness,
that our lives might turn in the right direction;
startle us with your goodness and mercy,
that we might receive your empowering forgiveness;
stagger us with your hope and peace,
that our eyes will remain wide open as we leave this place,
wondering what you will be doing this week in our world and in us.
This we pray in the name of your Messiah. Amen.

— written by Peter L. Haynes. Posted on the website of the Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren.

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