Apr 4, 2012

New Hymn: Resurrection

Here’s a new contemporary hymn for from David Mowbray, referencing the story of “doubting” Thomas.

My Lord, My God, the Living One!

My Lord, my God, the Living One! 
The Father’s power has raised his Son,
bestowed on him the title “Lord”
and bidden followers spread the Word. 

My Lord, my God, the Living One! 
Our troubling doubts are overcome;
with Thomas now Christ’s wounds we see,
undoubted proofs of victory. 

My Lord, my God, the Living One! 
What Easter wonders have been done. 
Like Thomas we rejoice to know
that death is a defeated foe. 

My Lord, my God, the Living One! 
His death, his life, we make our own. 
We die to past mistakes and wrongs;
we rise with Christ to sing new songs. 

My Lord, my God, the Living One! 
The Lamb triumphant on the throne
with resurrection flag unfurled
extends God’s pardon to the world. 

— copyright © David Mowbray/admin The Jubilate Group (Hope Publishing in North America). This is just one of many excellent resources available (free of charge) on The Jubilate Group website. 

Suggested tune: FULDA.  Full arrangement with descant available here: http://www.jubilate.co.uk/music_lyrics/music/fulda_arr_and_descant

Use of this hymn is covered by your CCLI license. If you use it in worship, be sure to report it to CCLI.

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