New Hymn for Women's Day

Here’s a beautiful new hymn for Women’s Day or Mother’s Day.  It was written by Dan Damon, and posted on Hope Publishing’s Online Hymnody site.  See below for tune suggestions.

God, We Praise You for the Women

God, we praise you for the women
who have taught us to be strong,
who have held us, who have raised us
with a prayer and with a song.

Sarah laughed to hear the promise--
God would bless her with a son;
Sarah laughed and Sarah doubted
till she saw what God had done.

Pharaoh's daughter, like a mother,
lifted Moses from a pool,
brought him safely to the palace
where a slave would go to school.

Mary watched the killing madness
as her son died on the cross;
she who knew the joy of childbirth
now was torn by bitter loss.

As her life drew on toward evening,
after she had raised her own,
Lois held her baby grandson,
told him of God's love made known.

— written by Daniel Charles Damon. Words are (c) Hope Publishing Company 2011. Posted on Hope Publishing Company’s Online Hymnody website.  Check that site for hundreds of other contemporary hymns – all free for use with a CCLI license.   

Tune suggestions:  See Hope’s site for a PDF of the song to Damon’s tune DORNAN.  If you’d rather sing the song to a familiar tune, consider one of the following:

ALL THE WAY (“All the way my Saviour leads me”) 
BEACH SPRING (“Come ye sinner, poor and needy”)
CHANNELS ONLY (“How I praise You, precious Saviour”) 
HARRIS (“Who can cheer the heart like Jesus?”)
HOLY MANNA (“Brethren we have met to worship”)  
NETTLETON (“Come thou fount of ev’ry blessing”) 

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