Mother's Day: Prayer of Thanks

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving for Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday (Lent 4). It comes from the Mother’s Union website.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Mothering Sunday

For the mothering of mothers
and the mothering of fathers
for the mothering of others:
Mother God,
we give you thanks.

For those who act as midwife to our hopes,
for those who nurse us through our pain,
for those who nurture, strengthen and guide us:
Mother God,
we give you thanks.

For those who gently push us from the nest,
for those who welcome us home,
for those who become our family,
for the motherhood of the Church:
Mother God,
we give you thanks.

— from a collection of Mothering Sunday Prayers produced by Mothers Union, and posted on their website. 

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