Invocation for Pentecost

Here’s a thoughtful prayer of invocation for the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It was written by Rev. Nancy J. on her wonderings through life and other such nonsense blog.

Prayer of Invocation
(inspired by Acts 2:1-4)

Come, Holy Spirit,
the one who sang a new melody as God’s Creation rose from Chaos,
who wept at the dark shadow of a cross,
and who danced early in the morning, at the opening of an empty tomb,

Come, Holy Spirit,
the one who could not be contained by wind, or flame, or breath,
the one who blesses the Church with courage, peace, and love.

Come, Holy Spirit, to us,
who gather this day with trembling hands and uncertain hearts.
Teach us to sing a new song and to dance with reckless abandon.

Here in this gathering of believers, as you did with those so long ago,
breathe on us now.

Breathe on us,
blowing away our fears and our hesitations.

Breathe on us,
transforming our hard-heartedness into passion-filled lives.

Breathe on us,
for we need peace, peace that only you can give.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

— Rev. Nancy J, on her blog, wonderings through life and other such nonsense.

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