Family Prayer of Thanks

Here’s a beautiful prayer for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day from Pamela Kennedy’s Songs from a Mother’s Heart.

(inspired by Psalm 136)

We join our hands in this family circle, Lord,
   and raise our voices in thanks to You.
Because of Your great love, we know the love
   of parents, child, brothers, sister.

You have done great wonders in the world,
   yet You hear the prayers of each of us,
      small as we are.

Your understanding is beyond our imagination,
   but You care enough to listen to us,
      and You understand our hurts and fears.

Your hand created the heavens, the stars, the moon,
   and Your power keeps them in their places,
      yet You still have time to touch our lives.

When our enemies threaten us,
   when our selfish natures lead us into sin,
      You are there to shield and guide us back to You.

When we are hungry or tired or lonely,
   you provide us with food or rest or comfort.

You have even provided a wonderful future for us,
   a future free from fear or pain or worry
      where we will live with You forever,
         together in the oneness of Your love.

We give thanks to You, the God of heaven,
   our Abba whose love endures forever.

— written by Pamela J. Kennedy, based on Psalm 136.  From Songs from a Mother’s Heart: Meditations on the Psalms, Concordia Publishing House, 1997. 

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