Confession: John 17

Here’s a prayer of confession based on Jesus’ high-priestly prayer in John 17.  It was written by Moira Laidlaw.

Prayer of Confession
(based on John 17)

Merciful God, Jesus' life, and the manner of his death demonstrated that there was literally no limit to his love. Living a human life, as we do, he demonstrated how the values of your kingdom are different from the world's values and how your standards are different from the world's standards. We live in the world also, and are exposed to all the trials and temptations that the world's values and standards place on us as Christians. So we welcome Jesus' prayer for his disciples—his prayer also for us.  Jesus prayed that his followers would be one as he and God are one.

Forgive us when we contribute to disunity or conflict in any of our relationships with one another.
Jesus prayed that God would keep and protect us from the influence of evil.

Forgive us for blaming you, O God, for distressing or difficult times and for believing that we can deal with problems in our own strength.

Jesus prayed that his disciples would be made and kept holy by the truth of the gospel—the reality of God's love for all people—revealed in Jesus and experienced through the Holy Spirit.

Keep us holy, O God, and empower us to be faithful witnesses of the truth of the gospel as long as we live. As Jesus' disciples and in his name we pray. Amen

— written by Moira Laidlaw, and posted on her Liturgies Online website.

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