Call to Worship & Prayer: Easter 6B

Here is a call to worship and an opening prayer written for the sixth Sunday of Easter, Year B.  They were written by Rev. Susan A. Blain.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Psalm 98, Acts 10:44-48, John 15:9-17)

The Spirit is coming to bless us all with a new song:
Let our joy be complete!
Gifts for the good of all, poured out on all to teach us a new song:
Love one another!
Strangers and neighbors, foreigners and family will join in the new song:
No longer servants but friends!
Come, let our worship make a joyful noise,
Rejoicing in the friendship of God.
Prayer of Invocation
(inspired by Psalm 98, John 15:9-17)

O Beloved One,
All the ends of the earth marvel
at your deeds of power; we feel your presence
as growth returning to the countryside;
we rejoice as we remember your faithfulness and steadfast love
revealed in the risen Christ.
Surround us with that faithfulness and steadfast love
Fill us with generosity and courage
so that we may be called your friends
and go forth to befriend your world. In Jesus’ name.

— from Friends of God: Service Prayers for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, written by the Rev. Susan A. Blain.  Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways archive.  Visit that site for other good lectionary-based resources.