Prayer of Confession: Women's Day

Here’s a beautiful prayer of confession for Women’s Day. It was written by John van de Laar, and posted on his website.

Women’s Day Prayer of Confession

O Divine Lover,
Your life pulses in each of our hearts,
and your love permeates each of our lives.
We, your daughters and sons, praise you.

Your care sustains us in each moment,
and your compassion guides us in each situation.
We, your daughters and sons, praise you.

When we fall, you lift us,
when we fail you restore us,
When we are wounded, you nurse us,
when we grieve, you weep with us.
We, your daughters and sons, praise you.

But, we have failed to love as you do,
we have abused our bodies and those of others,
we have filled our minds with selfish dreams,
and violent plans,
we have made our hearts cold and empty of compassion,
we have forgtten our spirits,
and distorted your image within us.

As a mother disciplines her children,
we ask you to discipline us;
As a mother forgives the sons and daughters who hurt her,
we ask you to forgive us;
As a mother calls her children to be reconciled with their siblings,
we ask you to lead us to reconciliation with one another.
In Christ's Name.

— written by John van de Laar on the Sacredise website. This prayer is part of a longer Communion Liturgy for Women’s Day. To see the entire liturgy, click here

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