New Contemporary Song for Easter

Here’s a lovely new contemporary song for Easter from  It was written by Joel Payne.  To hear it and download a piano score, mp3, chord chart and lead sheet, click here.  You’ll need to sign in to the site, but it’s free (and you’ll have access to lots of other good songs).   

Come, See the Son

Come, see the Son of the living God
hanging on a tree,
dying there for you and me.
Come, see the bringer of truth and grace
nailed there for us,
agony across his face.

This is love displayed,
this is mercy perfectly portrayed in Christ,
the cross of Christ.

Come, see the innocent Son of God
punished there for us,
rescuing us with his blood.
Come, see the healer of wounded souls
crucified for us,
broken there to make us whole.

Come, see the tomb where they laid him down;
the stone is rolled away,
nothing but the grave clothes now.
Come, see the King is alive again,
risen from the dead,
ushering a new age in.

This is victory,
this is life for everyone who will believe
in Jesus Christ.

Come and worship him,
come and sing to him,
come and live for him,
Jesus Christ.

CCL# 5453922

— Copyright © Joel Payne /, Administered by The Jubilate Group 4 Thorne Park Road, Torquay TQ2 6RX, UK

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