Mar 30, 2012

Contemporary Hymn: Holy Humor Sunday

Here’s a contemporary hymn for Holy Humor Sunday from Walter Farquharson.

Give to us Laughter

Give to us laughter,
O Source of our life.
Laughter can banish
so much of our strife!
Laughter and love
give us wholeness and health.
Laughter and love
are the coin of true wealth.

Give to us laughter
as sign of deep joy;
let us in laughing
find Christian employ,
joining with stars
and with bright northern lights,
laughing and praising
and sharing delights.

Even in sorrow
and hours of grief,
laughter with tears
brings us healing relief!
God, give us laughter,
and God, give us peace,
joy of your promise
among us increase.

— hymn text copyright © 1974 Walter Farquharson.  Posted on rev. stacy smith blog. To see the entire text (with music by Ron Klusmeier), visit the Musiklus website. You might also sing the text to the tune SLANE (Be thou my vision).

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