Call to Worship: Holy Humor Sunday

Here’s a call to worship which might suit for Holy Humor Sunday (the first Sunday after Easter).  It was written by Shari Miller Wagner. 

Call to Worship for Holy Humor Sunday

O praise to the God of laughter whose humor sends ripples
through even the river of death,
who turns a mustard seed into a tree,
who conceals the meaning of life in a loaf of bread.
Like a trickster, you turn my world topsy-turvy.
When I think I am lovely, you hold up a mirror
that shows me as thin as a pencil or as squat as a toad.
Here in the Fun House the popular routes lead me in circles
but the dead-ends have doors.
O for a thousand tongues to sing the praise of One who is All,
who is as invisible as the wind, yet as firm as a rock.

— excerpted from a longer call to worship written by Shari Miller Wagner (copyright © 2000 Shari Miller Wagner).  Posted on the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference website. 

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