Prayer of Intercession: Ten Commandments

Here’s a prayer of intercession based on the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17, Deuteronomy 5: 6-21).  It comes from the Church of Australia’s Starters for Sunday website. 

They suggest that the prayer may be led by a number of different voices.

Prayer of Intercession
(based on Exodus 20: 1-7, Deuteronomy 5: 6-21)

Lord God heavenly Father, you have commanded us to have no other gods. Keep us faithful to you alone, dethrone the idols in our life, and give us the grace to fear/honour, love and trust you above all things.

Gracious Father, your name is holy. Stop us from using it in unholy ways. Let the name that you put on us in baptism keep us holy, and may we always trust in the holy name of Jesus and use his name in prayer and praise.

This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Almighty God and Father, you created six days in which to work and the seventh you made a day of rest. Grant that we may use the Lord's day for rest and hearing your word.

Gracious Father in heaven, in your goodness you have given us fathers and mothers whom you want us to honour. Grant that by the help of your Spirit all Christian parents may bring their children up to fear/honour and love you, and that children may not provoke their parents to anger but love, respect, and obey them. Keep the families of the church united, and strengthen them through your word.

Lord of life, you have created the world and you give life to all people. Grant that by your grace all may respect the sanctity of life, including the life of the unborn. Let us do nothing to hurt or harm our neighbour in any way, but rather to be of help, especially in times of need.

Merciful Father, you have established the state of marriage and continue to bless it. Give us grace to lead a chaste and pure life. Bless all who are married; enable them to remain faithful to their vows, and to be patient and forgiving.

Almighty God, you are the giver and preserver of all good things. Help us to value honest work as your gift and the means by which you bless our country. Give us joy as we serve others with unselfish hearts. Give work to the unemployed and help them to use their extra time constructively and for the good of their communities.

Lord God our heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ you have shown yourself to be for us and not against us. Help us to be loyal to our neighbours and do nothing to damage their reputation. Show us the log in our own eye when we find a speck in their eye. Make us more ready to forgive than to judge, and always view the actions of others in the most favourable light.

Gracious God and Father, you are the owner and giver of all things. Enable us to be good stewards of all your gifts, content with what you have given us, and eager to advance the cause of others even if it is to our disadvantage. Give us a generous heart and joy in serving our neighbour.

— posted on the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Sunday by Sunday website. 

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