Feb 10, 2012

Prayer of Adoration

Here’s a prayer of adoration for Lent and Holy Week.  It comes from the Sojourn Music website.

Prayer of Adoration

O Christ, Savior, like the seed fallen to the ground,
you suffered death.
United to you, our lives will bear much fruit.
We praise you, Lord.

O Christ, you went down to the lowest point of the human condition;
you remain close to all who are abandoned.
We praise you, Lord.

In your love you took upon yourself our sins;
innocent, you accepted death to free us from death.
We praise you, Lord.

By your love you conquered evil and hatred,
and you live forever at the Father’s side.
We praise you, Lord.

You listen to us in your goodness, and you visit us in our misfortune;
fill our hearts to overflowing by revealing to us the light of your face.
We praise you, Lord. Amen.

— from The Worship Sourcebook, posted on the Sojourn Music website. http://www.sojournmusic.com/

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