Prayer for Easter: Witness

Here’s a beautiful Easter prayer by Sharlande Sledge.


God of Creation,
creating anew,
the silence is broken.

With the women in the garden
we catch our breath,
wipe our tears,
and try to articulate our
experience with you.

What words can describe
shadows fleeing from the tomb?
How can we tell of the morning
the world turned upside-down?
No mortal words will do.

Still, we must spread the news:
Christ is risen!

Our knees are weak from running;
our voices tremble
on the edge of fearful joy.
Our eyes have seen the glory
of the Lord loosed upon the world!

May every breath we take,
every word we utter,
everything we do,
witness to the truth
of Christ’s resurrection.

— written by Sharlande Sledge, Associate Pastor of Lake Shore Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

This is just one of the many beautiful litanies and prayers in her collection, Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Seasons, published by Smyth & Helwys, 1999. 

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