Opening Prayer: Easter

Here’s an opening prayer for Easter morning. It was written by Cheryl Woelk.

Easter Invitation and Welcome

We gather together in the beauty of the morning
in hope of your kingdom coming,
in reflection of your works of redemption in our lives,
in the anticipation of your triumph,
and in the overwhelming joy of your resurrection!

You bring good news to the poor
You release the captives,
You give sight to the blind,
freedom to the oppressed
and you proclaim the reign of God over even death!

In remembrance of the Word made flesh
causing turmoil and confusion
by letting evil do its worst,
all to transform God’s creation
in the ecstasy of love,
we gather in the morning,
celebrating the knowledge of your truth,
to proclaim your reign over all
and worship you.

— written by Cheryl Woelk, in Easter Sunday: Rejoicing in the Morning. Posted on the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre website. Visit there for many other excellent worship resources from an Anabaptist perspective.

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