Feb 19, 2012

New Song for Lent

If you are looking for a new song for Lent, here's one you should consider.

Joel Payne has written a beautiful new song of commitment, which would be especially suitable for use in services which explore the call to discipleship.   

If your worship services are following the lectionary texts for Lent B (2012), you might consider using it on Lent 2 B (March 4, 2012) and/or Lent 5 B (March 25, 2012), since the suggested gospel readings for those Sundays include a clear call to follow Jesus (see Mark 8:31-38; John 12:23-26).

Joel writes, “This song seeks to echo the words of Jesus who called for a new sacrificial life from his disciples. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, so that we can consider the call and respond with a repeated ‘I will follow,’ hoping that each time we sing those three words our commitment becomes a little bit more real in our hearts.”

The song is very easy to learn.  You can listen to the song and download a free mp3, chord chard, lead sheet and piano accompaniment simply by registering at RESOUNDworship.org.  It’s free, and there are lots of other wonderful resources on the site.

Click on the title of the song to go directly to the RESOUNDworship.org site.

(I Will Follow)
Jesus, you have called us:
Come, follow me,
take up your cross,
deny yourself
and live.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll trust you
and I'll go where you lead.

I will follow,
I will follow,
I will follow
where you lead.

Jesus, you have shown us
how we should live:
in sacrifice,
and love.

Jesus, I am willing
though I am weak;
I'll follow you
with your Spirit in me.

CCL# 6139173
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