A Lenten Creed

Here is a thoughtful affirmation of faith for Lent from the people at Patmos Abbey—The Order of Saint Columba.

Lenten Creed

We believe that our lives are held within the encircling love of God,
who knows our names and recognises our deepest needs.

We believe that Christ is the divine Child of the living God,
and that his grace is like living waters that can never be exhausted.

We believe in the birthing, renewing, enabling Spirit of God
who yearns over our welfare as a mother yearns for her child.

We believe that God is in the arid desert as well as in green pastures,
and that hard times and disciplines are also loving gifts.

We believe that our journey has a purpose and a destination,
and that our path leads to a human glory we cannot yet imagine.

We believe that in the church we are fellow pilgrims on the road,
and that we are called to love one another as God loves us.

This is our faith and we are humbled to profess in Jesus the Christ.

— from Traveling to Easter with Jesus as our Guide, posted on the website of Patmos Abbey—The Order of Saint Columba. http://www.patmosabbey.org/

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