Lent 1: Call to Worship & Prayer

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer for the first Sunday of Lent. It was written by Chris Heckert, and posted on Heckert Resources. 

Call to Worship
(based on Mark 1:9-15, Luke 4:1-13)

After he was baptized by John,
Jesus went by himself to the wilderness
where he was tempted.
Forty days in the desert, Jesus was tempted
to become relevant, spectacular, and powerful.
Today, we begin to journey with Jesus through the season of Lent,
which brings us to face some of our own weaknesses and temptations.
Let us worship God and walk the journey together,
seeking the spirit as our guide and companion along the way.


God, you know our hearts.  You have knitted our inmost being and you know our deepest desires, fears and worries.  Help us to journey during this Lenten season into a new awareness of your presence in our lives.  Save us from our own temptations, so that we may more freely follow you.

— copyright © Chris Heckert, and posted on his website, Heckert Resources...which doesn't seem to exist anymore. His new blog (I think!) is at Chris Heckert Blog http://chrisheckertblog.com/