Feb 3, 2012

Centering Prayer for Lent

Here is a beautiful prayer written for Ash Wednesday, 2010 by Christine Sine.  She suggests that it might “be used throughout Lent as a centering prayer for a Lenten discipline.”

Lenten Prayer
(inspired by Isaiah 58: 1-12)

We have chosen to fast
Not with ashes but with actions
Not with sackcloth but in sharing
Not in thoughts but in deeds
We will give up our abundance
To share our food with the hungry
We will give up our comfort
To provide homes for the destitute
We will give up our fashions
To see the naked clothed
We will share where others hoard
We will free where others oppress
We will heal where others harm
Then God’s light will break out on us
God’s healing will quickly appear
God will guide us always
God’s righteousness will go before us
We will find our joy in the Lord
We will be like a well watered garden
We will be called repairers of broken walls
Together we will feast at God’s banquet table

— written by Christine Sine (2010), and posted on Godspace. http://godspace.wordpress.com/

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