Call to Worship & Prayer: Psalm 19

Here’s a thoughtful call to worship and opening prayer based on Psalm 19.  They were written by Jeff Shrowder, and posted on The Billabong website.

Call to Worship
(from Psalm 19)

Come into this sacred space to worship God
whose teaching is perfect;
whose directions are sure.
Come into this holy place to worship God
whose standards are right;
whose commandment is clear;
whose judgements are true.
Come with holy fear –
to be given life, and made wise,
to have your heart stirred and your eyes opened wide.
Come — let us worship God.
Let the words of our mouths and the whispering of our hearts
be according to your will, O God. Amen.

Prayer of Adoration & Confession
(based on Psalm 19)

Your glory, O God
is declared in the holy silence of the heavens,
and told in the silent succession of day and night.
No speech, or word or voice is heard;
yet they speak to all the world,
and their words reach to the ends of the earth. 
The sun joyfully leaps across the sky,
from one end of the heavens to the farthest reaches,
and nothing is hidden from its heat or light.
So nothing that we do or say or whisper in our hearts 
is hidden from you, Lord God.
Release us from darkness we hide deep within our lives.
Let our lives be radiant with holy fear;
delighting in your teaching, 
receiving insight from your commandments
and wisdom from your encouraging. 
Enliven our desire for your everlasting judgements
over wealth or fame:
to enjoy the sweet drippings of the honeycomb,
that are to be found 
in right relationship with those around us,
and with you. Amen.

— Copright © 2000 Jeff Shrowder, and posted on The Billabong website. For use in worship with acknowledgement. Visit that site for other fine lectionary-based worship resources.