Feb 28, 2012

A Call to Worship: Maundy Thursday

Here’s a Maundy Thursday call to worship from Joan Stott.  It is based on Psalm 116:1-2, 12-29.

Maundy Thursday Call to Worship
(based on Psalm 116: 1-2, 12-29)

Welcoming God, we gather here
today to worship and praise you.
We gather in this sacred place
where, over many generations, our
forebears have gathered to worship God.

Responsive God, you hear our prayers,
our sighs, our doubts and all our fears.
We give you our thanks for your
loving awareness and care of us all.

We gather to again fulfill our commitments
to our God in the presence of your people.
We offer our sacrifice, our homage, our
gifts of praise and thankfulness to our God. Amen.

— written by Joan Stott, and posted on the Geelong City Parish UCA website.  If used in shared worship, please provide an acknowledgement as follows: © 2011 Joan Stott – "The Timeless Psalms" RCL Psalm Year A, used with permission. 

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