Feb 3, 2012

Ash Wednesday: Prayer for Guidance

Here’s a thoughtful prayer for Ash Wednesday (February 22, 2012).  It was written by Joanna Harader, a Mennonite pastor in Lawrence, Kansas. 

Prayer for Guidance

Generous God
who fills the earth with abundance–
oceans and skies full of water,
fields that yield food,
flowers and birdsong and beauty of all sorts–
may we live with generous hearts, with open hands.

Humble God
who became flesh and entered into our humanity–
who touched the untouchable,
spoke to the outcasts,
washed the disciples feet–
May we live with humble hearts,
looking always to the needs of others.

Song: Lord, listen to your children praying

Righteous God
who longs for us to be in relationship with you–
through sincere prayer, fasting,
worship, scripture reading, fellowship–
May we love you with all of our hearts, minds, and souls.

Song: Lord, listen to your children praying

Walk with us on this Lenten journey, Lord.
Give us eyes to see the path you would have us take.
Give us ears to hear the truth you would speak to us.
Give us the wisdom to store our treasure with you,
so that our hearts may abide in your perfect peace.

Song: Lord, listen to your children praying

— from Ash Wednesday Worship, 2011 written by Joanna Harader.  To see the rest of the service, click here.  Joanna blogs at Spacious Faith. http://spaciousfaith.com/     

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