Transfiguration: Prayer of Confession

Here’s an act of confession for Transfiguration Sunday (February 19, 2012).  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

(Matthew 17:1-8, Mark 9:2-9, Luke 9:28-36)

Our days, Most Holy Friend, are spent between light and darkness. Often, as the result of our own sin, or the evil of others, we find ourselves in the darkness. On other precious occasions we find ourselves caught up in your light and love. More often we are in between, busy in the half light, trying to make the best of a compromising existence, stumbling and falling, rising and achieving. With your help we do make some headway, but still fall far short of the light of your glory in the face of Jesus Christ.

Most gracious God, please persist with your mission of saving us all. By your grace, banish our darkness and enlighten us today. Do not allow us to linger dolefully in the gloom of guilt or self pity. Make us bold to move out to where the shadows are fewer, even though the brighter light shows up our flaws. Please give us more of the light of Christ that our lives may declare your praise. In his name we so pray; Amen!

Declaration of Forgiveness
Fellow Christians, Cheer up! Jesus says to you: “Your sins are forgiven.”

My friends, permit God’s mercy to transfigure your lives. Be no longer ruled by doubt and worry but by light and love. Walk as children of the light whose ultimate glory is assured. Amen!

The light of Christ Jesus be with you always.
And also with you.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home PageVisit his website site for many other excellent worship resources.