Jan 16, 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving: January 29, 2012

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving based on the scripture readings for Epiphany 4B.  It was written by Nathan Nettleton

General Prayer of Thanksgiving
(based on Psalm 111, Mark 1:21-28)

We give you all thanks and praise, O God,
for your justice stands in splendour and majesty,
and you nourish the faithful
with mercy and kindness.

You are the one God who created all things
and for whom we exist.
From the beginning you have revealed your mighty deeds
and upheld a covenant with your chosen ones.

You raised up among your people
a prophet greater even than Moses,
your Son and our teacher, Jesus of Nazareth.
With words and deeds of authority he has taught us,
not the knowledge that puffs up,
but the love that builds up.
You put your holy words in his mouth,
and at his word even the demons fall silent.
When he was killed, you raised him to life,
and now it is through him that we exist,
and in him, that the crippling grip of death is broken forever.

Therefore, with our hearts lifted high,
we offer you thanks and praise at all times
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

© 2003 Nathan Nettleton http://www.laughingbird.net/

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