Prayer of Intercession: Unity in Christ

Here’s a prayer of intercession for Christian unity, written for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009, and posted on the World Council of Churches website.

Prayers of the People: Christian Unity

With faith we pray to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Lord, hear our prayer.

Let us pray for our local Christian communities, our churches and ecumenical groups; for those here present, and those who are absent from our assembly today. Lord, forgive us when we are indifferent to each other, and bring your healing to the wounds and divisions that keep us apart.

Let us pray for a deeper appreciation of our common baptism into the one body of Christ. Lord, sustain each of us and our communities as we continue on the path towards the unity you desire for all your disciples.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Let us pray for our spiritual leaders and church authorities, that the Spirit may continue to enlighten them and grant them the grace to work in harmony, joy and love.

Let us pray for all civil authorities. Lord, grant that they may work towards justice and peace, and give them the wisdom to attend to the needs of all, especially the most vulnerable.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Let us pray for all the nations and communities who live with deep divisions and internal conflicts. Lord, we remember in a special way the people of Korea, north and south, that their search for unity in spite of political divisions and separation may bear fruit, and be a sign of hope for all who seek reconciliation in the midst of divisions.

Let us pray in thanksgiving for those who, inspired by you, Lord, have held an important place in our lives of faith, and for all who have reflected your forgiveness, compassion and love. May their gifts and generosity inspire our own desire to give and to serve with our lives.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Let us pray for all those who bring the gospel to bear on the great ethical challenges of our times. Lord, may we each learn to play our part in mitigating the global and ecological disasters which bring human suffering and threaten your creation.

Let us pray for all Christian churches and ask for your help, Lord, so that one day they may be able to gather around the table and share the fellowship of holy communion.

Lord, hear our prayer.

— from Resources for The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and throughout the year (2009), jointly prepared and published by The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and The Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches.  Posted on the World Council of Churches website.  

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