Jan 15, 2012

Prayer of Confession: Psalm 62

Here’s a call to confession and a prayer of confession based on Psalm 62, the suggested psalm for January 22, 2012 (the third Sunday after Epiphany).  It was written by Amy Loving.

(based on Psalm 62)

In the midst of the noise, confusion, and chaos of life, our souls long for quiet.  God longs for us to return to that safe place found in the presence of our Lord.  Trusting in our refuge-providing God, let us pour out our hearts before the Holy One:

God of Salvation, we seek refuge in all the wrong places.  We place our confidence in taking things from others, instead of delighting in with what we receive from you.  We set our hopes on fame and worldly possessions, instead of relying on your grace and steadfast love.  Almighty Deliverer, rescue us from our delusions.  Save us from our foolish choices, and guide us in the better way. 

— written by Amy Loving, and posted on The Worship Closet website. 

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