Jan 28, 2012

Prayer: The Great Turnaround (Psalm 30)

Here’s a prayer inspired by Psalm 30.  It was written by Chris Altrock.

The Great Turnaround
(inspired by Psalm 30)

I was stumbling in the valley – now I’m standing on the mountaintop.
I was diseased with distress – now I’m healed with happiness.
I was marching to the grave – now I’m skipping with the living.
I used to cry myself to sleep – now I laugh myself awake.
I once sung the blues – now I dance in the streets.
My wardrobe was “sadness” – now my closet contains ”joy.”
And you, Lord- you’re the one who did this.
I will praise you forever.

— written by Chris Altrock, and posted on his blog, TrueNorth.