Litany of Call: Here I Am, Send Me!

Here’s a beautiful litany of call written by Katherine Hawker, and posted on her Liturgy Outside the Box website. 

Litany of Call
(inspired by Isaiah 6:8)

Life looms ahead of us, huge and uncertain;
In the confusion we must listen for the voice of God.
Who can hear the voice of God calling?
Here I am, send me!

The expectations of our friends feel so overwhelming;
Luring us to make choices for our own comfort.
Who can focus on the call to serve God?
Here I am, send me!

Hunger, greed, hopelessness prevail in our world;
Making it difficult to believe that God still dances.
Who can speak good news in the face of evil?
Here I am, send me!

Our voice seems so small against the misery we hear;
Wars and famines and abuse seem dominate.
Who can be heard above the crying?
Here I am, send me!

The world is waiting to hear the promise of God;
A life of justice, peace and love for all of God’s children.
Who will choose this life with God?
Here I am, send me!

— Katherine Hawker, posted on Liturgy Outside the Box.