Intercession: Transfiguration Sunday

Here’s a prayer of intercession from Ormande Plater, a retired Archdeacon in the Episcopal church in New Orleans. It is based on the scripture texts for February 19, 2012 (the sixth Sunday after Epiphany).

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Prayer of Intercession: Transfiguration Sunday

Let us offer prayers to the Holy One, whose glory is a devouring fire and a mighty tempest.

For the holy catholic church throughout the world, sharing the death and resurrection of Christ.
Lord, have mercy.
For N our bishop, for presbyters and deacons and all who minister in Christ, and for all the people of God.
Lord, have mercy.
For all the nations and peoples of the earth, and for justice, mercy, and peace.
Lord, have mercy.
For all who are needy, desolate, forgotten, suffering, lonely, and disconsolate.
Lord, have mercy.
For the dying and the dead, and for those who mourn.
Lord, have mercy.
That all the world may reflect the splendor of God and all peoples share in the divinity of Christ.
Lord, have mercy.
Remembering the Blessed Virgin Mary, N, and all the saints, let us offer ourselves and one another to the living God through Christ. To you, O Lord.

Blessed are you, God of light eternal. Hear our prayers for all peoples and let your glory shine upon us, that our lives may proclaim your goodness and our works give you honor; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

— written by Ormande Plater, a retired Archdeacon in the Episcopal church in New Orleans.  Posted on his website, Ormonde Plater.