Jan 16, 2012

Confession: Epiphany 5B

Here’s a beautiful act of confession based on the scripture texts for the fifth Sunday after Epiphany (February 5, 2012)—Psalm 147, Isaiah 40:21-31.  It was written by Thom Shuman.

Call to Reconciliation

Rushed by the busyness of life, weary from the stress of everyday, we have these moments to catch our breath, to think of how we have treated others recently, to remember how we have not been God's faithful people. Let us come to God, knowing that the One who listens to our words, is the One who has given us the Word of grace and mercy.

Unison Prayer of Confession

Everlasting God, we know how easy it is to forget your presence and power in our lives. Focused on our daily planners, we do not pay attention to the night sky and the stars that glitter. Surrounded by the sounds of anger, violence, and hate, we have trouble listening to your whispers of hope and grace. Thinking that Scripture is filled only with stories, we cannot understand your truth which can change lives.

Forgive us. There is no one who can hold a candle to you when it comes to mercy and hope. Lift us to our feet so we may walk with you; fill us with your strength so we may serve your people; touch us with your healing so we may proclaim to everyone the Good News that has come in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Silent Prayers may be offered

Assurance of Pardon (Isaiah 40:21-31; Psalm 147)

Haven't you been listening?
The Good News is this:
God never tires out, God is always with us,
God heals us with mercy, God strengthens us for service.
The One who numbers the stars knows each of us by name.
Thanks be to God, we are forgiven. Amen.

— written by Thom Shuman, and posted on his excellent Lectionary Liturgies blog. 

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