Affirmation of Faith: Walk and Not Faint

Here’s an affirmation of faith based on Isaiah 40: 28-31, one of the suggested scripture readings for February 5, 2012 (the fifth Sunday after Epiphany).  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Affirmation:  Walk and Not Faint
(based on Isaiah 40: 28-31)

This have come to know,
this is what we have heard:
the Eternal is an everlasting God,
creator of heaven and earth,
   who does not grow weary or faint;
   whose wisdom is unsearchable,
   giving energy to the meek
   and  strength to those who have none.

Even youths shall faint and grow weary,
young athletes shall fall exhausted;
but those who love the Lord Jesus
and patiently put their trust in God,
   shall renew their strength;
   they shall soar with wings like eagles,
   they shall run and not weary,
   they shall walk and not faint.

— written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.  

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