Affirmation of Faith: Hope

Here’s a thoughtful affirmation of faith written by Gerardo Oberman of Argentina.  It was originally posted on the World Council of Churches website.

Creed of Hope

I believe in God.
The God of all creeds, with all their truths.
But, above all, in the God
that rises from the dead
to become part of life.

I believe in the God that accompanies me along
every step of my path on this earth,
many times walking behind me, watching me and suffering with my mistakes,
other times walking beside me, talking to me and teaching me,
and other times walking ahead of me, guiding and marking my pace.

I believe in the God of flesh and blood, Jesus Christ,
the God who lived in my skin and tried on my shoes,
the God who walked in my ways, and knows of lights and shadows.
The God who ate and starved,
who had a home and suffered loneliness,
who was praised and condemned, kissed and spat on, loved and hated.
The God who went to parties and funerals,
the God who laughed and cried.

I believe in the God who is attentive today, who looks at the world
and sees the hatred that segregates, divides,
sets people aside, hurts and kills,
who sees the bullets piercing the flesh,
and the blood of innocent people flowing on the earth,
who sees the hand that dips into another's pocket,
stealing what somebody needs to eat,
who sees the judge that favours the highest bidder,
the truth and justice of hypocrites,
who sees the dirty rivers and the dead fish,
the toxic substances destroying the earth
and piercing the sky
who sees the future mortgaged and
man's debt growing.

I believe in God who sees all this …
and keeps on crying.

But I also believe in God
who sees a mother giving birth – a life born from pain,
who sees two children playing - a seed growing,
who sees a flower blooming out of the debris - a new beginning,
who sees three crazy women clamoring for justice – an illusion that doesn't die
who sees the sun rising every morning - a time of opportunities.

I believe in God who sees all this …
and laughs,
in spite of it all,
there is hope.

— written by Gerardo Oberman, Argentina.  From Prayers for the Week of Prayer for Christian unity 2004,   posted on the World Council of Churches website.  

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