Dec 5, 2011

Prayers of the People: Advent 4

Here’s a prayer of intercession for the Advent season written by Richard Fairchild, and posted on his Kir-shalom website.

Prayer of Intercession for Advent 4

Loving God - as we approach the day of Christ's birth help us to throw wide the doors of our hearts in preparation.  Help us to sense the importance of what happened so long ago when Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel, to remember the words of the angels and the prophets and the teachers of old, and to celebrate all the promises that you made through them.  Help us to take firm hold of the meaning of all these things and to know in the depths of our being that even now you are seeking to work in us and through us to fulfill the promises you have made....  Lord hear our prayer....

Lord - may this Christmas season be for us and for those around us a season of healing, may it be a season of hope and of love and of joy, may it be a time of true sharing and of rejoicing in all the earth....   Lord hear our prayer...

We pray O God for those in need around us: for those who need a second birth, for those who need a tender touch and a healing word....   Lord, hear our prayer...

We pray too, O God for the children of our world - and all those of tender faith, all those who have no home to call their home, all those who are hungry and thirsty.  Bless we pray the innocent of the earth and all those who trust in you.  Bless the humble and the powerless and bring down from their thrones those who full of pride and those who are indifferent... Lord, hear our prayer....

Bless we pray, too, each special one we name before you now...  (BIDDING PRAYER)....  Lord hear our prayer….

We ask these things O God, with hope and praise in our hearts, our minds, and our souls, through Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen.

— written by Richard J. Fairchild, and posted on his Kir-shalom website.  

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