Prayers at the Table: New Year

Here are two prayers suitable for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper at the start of a new year.

Prayer over the Gifts

Loving Father,
it is easy for us here to break this bread
and to share it with one another,
to drink this cup and offer it to one another.
As we offer you these gifts
we pray you for strength,
for it is difficult for us the whole year long,
to keep sharing ourselves with one another
to offer our hand to give and receive help
and to forget ourselves for the sake of others.
Let us be always each other’s food and drink
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

God our Father,
in this celebration we have looked back
to the past, to what is done and gone.
With Jesus in our midst
we look now forward to the future.
Let neither the past nor the present, nor the future,
neither joys nor sorrows
ever separate us from him.
Let you Son be the center of our lives
and the bond that binds us to you
and to one another,
in faith, hope and lasting love.
Go with us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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