Opening Prayer: Epiphany

Here’s an opening prayer for Epiphany (January 6), written by Moira Laidlaw.

Opening Prayer
(based on Isaiah 60:1-6, Matthew 2:1-12)

God of all time,
we praise and adore you for breaking into the darkness of this world
with the glorious light of your presence. 
A light which made your love for the world visible
in the babe born in Bethlehem—
Jesus Christ, your Son, our Saviour. 
A light which guided those gift-bearing travellers from afar
to find and worship the Christ-child. 
A light which leads us to you, now revealed in Jesus Christ. 
We pray that you will accept our worship
for it arises from hearts and minds
in awe over the enormity of your gift to us of pure love.
In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen

— Moira Laidlaw, on Liturgies Online.  Visit that site for many other excellent worship resources.  

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