Epiphany Prayer of Intercession

Here is a prayer of intercession suitable for use on Epiphany.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Prayers of the People for Epiphany

Let us long for, and pray for, the light of God in Christ Jesus
to drive back the darkness of human error, misery and evil.

Where people are lost and jaded in contemporary consumerism,
where addiction to alcohol, other drugs, and gambling is causing ruin,
we pray for the hope of epiphany.

Where dictators rule without mercy or wisdom,
where democracies are manipulated by the rich and powerful,
we pray for the justice of epiphany.

Where youth see no prospect in the future and so contemplate suicide,
where the long-term unemployed exist without hope,
we pray for the light of epiphany.

Where the church dodges its evangelical mission,
where the church evades its social and political responsibility,
we pray for the truth of epiphany.

Where the terminally ill face death fearfully,
where people without purpose face life despairingly,
we pray for the love of epiphany.

Most holy Friend, to you all souls are precious; please take from our eyes the scales of prejudice or indifference, that we may increasingly share your awareness of the neglected and abused  people, and do all we can to make your love real to them. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

— Bruce Prewer, on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage. Visit that site for many other excellent resources for worship.