Contemporary Call to Worship

Here’s a contemporary call to worship from Seekers Church.  It would be suitable for use on the second Sunday after Epiphany (January 15, 2012), where the suggested scripture texts include God’s calling of Samuel (1 Samuel) and Jesus’ call to the first disciples (John 1:43-51).

Call to Worship

Leader:    Let us worship the One who calls us.

People:    Here we are,
                  ready or not,
                  called by the One
                  who lived and died
                  and rose to live again among us.

Leader:    Here we are,
                  ready or not,
                  bringing our everyday selves
                  to praise and to pray,
                  to know the Holy One
                  in the midst of our lives.

All:            Let us worship the One who calls us.

— from a longer liturgy by Seekers Church, a Christian community in the tradition of the Church of the Saviour.  

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