Dec 3, 2011

All-Age Benediction: Romans 16: 25-27

Here’s an intergenerational benediction based on Romans 16: 25-27, one of the suggested scripture texts for the Advent 4 B (December 18, 2011).  It was written by Carolyn Brown, and posted on her excellent Worshipping with Children website.

Brown suggests that you consider saving the lighting of the Advent wreath for the end of the service. She writes: “At benediction time go to the wreath, point out that we are almost to Christmas, next Sunday is THE DAY.  Then while lighting the candles paraphrase Paul’s words something like….

Intergenerational Benediction
(based on Romans 16: 25-27)

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, let us give glory to God
Who gives us the strength to stand firm
Who has shown us and all the world the mystery that was once hidden.
In the baby in the manger, the teacher, the healer,
the one who died on a cross and rose again we meet God.
To the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be the glory forever!  Amen.

See you on Christmas Eve!

— Carolyn Brown, on her excellent site Worshiping with Children.  

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