Affirmation of Faith: Isaiah 61

Here’s an affirmation of faith based on Isaiah 61:10-11, one of the suggested scripture readings for the first Sunday after Christmas.  It was written by Bruce Prewer

We Believe
(based on Isaiah 61: 10-11)

We believe.
We believe joyfully in the God of love,
with all our being we celebrate our God.
As soil after drought produces green shoots
and as garden seeds spring into new life,
so our God produces justice and praise
to spring up among all nations.

We believe in God
who dresses us in the garments of salvation;
who by the grace of Christ
covers us with the robe of righteousness,
adopts us into the holy family
and promises to make us a crown of beauty,
a royal diadem in the hand of God.

This we believe through Christ Jesus.
May the Holy Spirit strengthen our belief.

— written by Bruce Prewer.  Posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.  

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