Prayers of the People: November 13, 2011

Here is a prayer of intercession written by Richard J. Einerson, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. 

Prayer of Intercession

Our gracious eternal God, the ancient words of Paul echo in our souls this day. We are so much like the people of the Thessalonian Church and its culture.

We want to have glimpses of the future so that we might know that we are secure.
We want to have the security to know that tomorrow will be alright.
We want to have life all buttoned down and figured out so there will be no surprises.
We want you to rid us of all anxiety and worry and fear.
We want to know that when the great call comes for us we will be safe.
We want all darkness and all uncertainty removed from our lives.

Become alive for us again in these quiet moments. We pray that in this teachable moment you would again open to us your powerful and grace-filled presence.

Lead our spirits to find the courage to say, “All will be well because we are yours.”
Lead our spirits to find the ability to live one moment and one day at a time.
Lead our spirits to serenity and a peace which the world cannot give.
Lead our spirits to know that with your power we can cope with whatever surprises life presents to us.
Lead our spirits to know that we are destined “not for wrath” but for your redeeming.
And lead our spirits to know that “whether we wake or sleep,” living or dying, we are yours into the ages of all ages. Amen.

— Richard J Einerson, posted on Richard J. Einerson: Prayers of the People. For more of his prayers, see his book, Prayers of the People.