Nov 19, 2011

Litany of Confession: Isaiah 40: 1-11

Here’s a litany of confession based on Isaiah 40. It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Advent Litany of Confession
(based on Isaiah 40: 1-11)

Sisters and brothers in the faith, we are not here to wallow in guilt,
but we are here to make an honest confession.
Let us pray.
Holy Friend, we confess that we want to have more of you in our lives,
yet without the discipline and pain of preparing to receive you;
please forgive our evasions and cowardice;
Holy Friend, we confess that we get sucked in by those false prophets
who offer us an easy discipleship and a cheap grace;
please forgive our liking for cheap substitutes.
Holy Friend, we confess that we even fool ourselves into believing
that many of our rough ways and crooked paths are justified;
please forgive our excuses and defiance.
In the name of Emmanuel, let us embrace grace, mercy and peace.

Now this is true love;
not our love for God but God’s love for us.
In Christ we are a forgiven and renovated people.

— Bruce Prewer, posted on the website of the United Church of Christ, Webster Groves, Missouri.  For more of Bruce Prewer’s excellent work, visit his website:  Bruce Prewer’s Homepage

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