Advent Prayer of Confession

Here’s a prayer of confession for Advent written by Jamie Barnes.

Prayer of Confession

It is easy for us to lose sight of what the birth of Jesus means to this dark and dying world. Let us be reminded that Christ came to free us from our sin and reunite us with our Creator.

Let’s pray:
God of love,
all year long we pursue power and money,
yet you came in weakness, as a child.
All season long we want more stuff, more for us,
but you alone offer what is lasting.
Through the work of our Lord Jesus,
who comes among us full of grace and truth,
forgive us, heal us, correct us.
Then open our lips,
that we may sing your praise with the angels,

When we allow darkness to overcome the light,
forgive us, Lord.When we reduce Christmas to plastic and tinsel,
have mercy on us, Father.

When hardness of heart keeps us
from seeing and believing in Your Song,
let your grace fill us, O God.

Forgive our doubt
and renew our hopes in Christ alone,
that we may watch and wait
and once more hear the glad story of our Savior,
Jesus Christ, the Lord. 
In His name we ask, Amen.

— adapted from the Worship Sourcebook, by Jamie Barnes for the Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY.  Posted on The Open Sourcebook website. 

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