Responsive Call to Worship: All Saints

Here’s a responsive call to worship for All Saints Day (November 1, 2011).  It comes from the Desperate Preachers website.

A Responsive Call to Worship for All Saints Day
(Hebrews 12: 1)

We remember, O God…
The countless saints of history
who have blazed a trail of courage through time,

We remember, O God…
The tender touch of loved ones,
the example of heroes,
the healing words of comforters,
the remarkable acts of fearless ones.

We remember, O God…
The gentle strength of grandmothers,
the loyalty of friends,
the kindness of strangers,
the joy of children,
the sacrifice of parents.

We remember, O God…
The supreme love of Jesus,
the blessing of his Spirit,
the reminder of his words,
the sharing of his suffering,
the glory of his resurrection:
shown forth in the lives of his disciples,
   young and old,
   dead and living,
   articulate and silent,
   strange and familiar,
   brilliant and ordinary.

We remember in every time and place the saints of God
who have shown us the Lord.

Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…
let us worship God with joy!

— posted on the Desperate Preacher’s website.   

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