Prayer of Intercession: Peace Sunday

Here’s a prayer of intercession suitable for use on Peace Sunday, or other occasion when the subject of global peace is being explored.  It was compiled by the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation. 

Music for the sung response can be found here

Prayers for Peace

Sung response:
Señor, renueva tu paz en medio de tu pueblo
(O God, replenish your peace in the midst of all your people)

Lord, we pray for
Peace for those who weep in silence
Peace for those who cannot speak
Peace when all hope seems to disappear.

Sung response

In the midst of rage, of violence and disappointment,
In the midst of wars and destruction of the earth,
Lord, show us your light in the darkness.

Sung response

Lord, we pray for
Peace for those who raise their voices to demand it,
Peace when there are many who do not wish to hear of it,
Peace as we find the way to justice.

Sung response

— from Glory to God and Peace on Earth, published by the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation, 2011. 

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