Oct 30, 2011

Pastoral Prayer: Matthew 25: 14-30

Here’s a pastoral prayer based on Matthew 25: 14-30, one of the suggested readings for November 13, 2011 (Proper 28A). It was written by Rev. Richard J. Fairchild and posted on his Kir-shalom website.  

Pastoral Prayer
(based on Matthew 25: 14-30)

Let us pray.

Lord God - we give you thanks for all your gifts to us – for daily food - for health - for each breath we take - for freedom to choose - and for the gifts of your word, your power, and your love.  Our hearts are truly overwhelmed, O God, when we consider all that you are and how you have entrusted so much to us.  May we be worthy of that trust - may we be a people who are unafraid to live as fully and as richly as you want us to live....   Lord hear our prayer....

Help us O God, as followers of Jesus, to multiply all that you given us, to risk spreading your word and perhaps see it misunderstood, to gamble by loving those whom others think worthy only of hate, to take chances by doing good to those who have not done good to us.  Help us be faith filled and to desire to
increase your glory and your goodness in this world.  Make us ones who share in both word and deed that which you have given to us.  Lord hear our prayer....

We pray, O God, for the church here today - that it may encourage all its members to discover, develop, and use all their gifts, those of nature and those of grace...  Lord hear our prayer...

We pray for those who are poor in body or in spirit...  for those who are oppressed and heavy laden....  for those who are sick or in despair...  Minister O God by your Spirit, and by us, to all those for whom we have prayed - and help us walk faithfully in the path of our Lord Jesus Christ - he who taught us to pray
together as one family, saying. Our Father….

— copyright © Rev. Richard J. Fairchild, and posted on his Kir-Shalom website. Visit his site for other good lectionary-based worship resources and sermons.